Reservation Process

To make a reservation of a tour we of course want to be clear what your exact wishes are. In that case you have the tour you want and we will be able to deliver the best service. Everybody happy!

You can use ours special form in which we ask some questions about your preferences. You can also use the Contact Us form and write down your preferences. Or you email us at info@mbuniafricansafaris

Either way we will reply to you by email and we will advise you about great tour options based on your preferences. Of course we will inform you about what is included, what is excluded, what are additional options and of course what are the prices. Nobody is waiting for unexpected surprises, we like to be clear and transparent.

End the end of the reservation process we will ask you for a scan of your valid passport of all the participants of the tour. This is important. We need this scan for accounting purposes so we are able to create your invoice. And we might need this scan to buy tickets such as entrance tickets to Machu Picchu or train tickets.

If you would feel more comfortable and wish to speak to a person you can also call us at number +256701207359. We speak Spanish, English, Dutch and German. And of course we have the chat function on our website which enables you to quickly get to know all about your tour what you need to know.