Birding in Uganda

Uganda is well known for her great climate, wildlife and friendly people. Most visitors on Uganda safaris combine birding with sightseeing and game viewing.  Bird tourism  may not be as well developed or marketed as say gorilla tourism, but Uganda is considered among the best places for birding tours in the world and arguably the best in Africa. Over 1035 bird species have been documented in Uganda and about 30 birding areas have been set aside for birding activities. Endemic species like the Stuhlmann’s Double-collared Sunbird, the Fox’s Weaver as well as well the great Shoebill attract droves of bird lovers every year. This small landlocked country surprisingly has more birds per square Kilometer than any other country in the continent. 

This implies that while birding in Uganda, visitors are rewarded with many bird sightings without having to travel great distances or deep into the countryside. You can literally see them right from the airport in Entebbe, within the capital Kampala, outside your hotel room and as you move around. However you need to go to one of the major birding sites located in the countries beautiful and spectacular to fathom how gifted by nature Uganda  is.

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